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29 January 2015

*HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT* Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation

I was introduced to this powder sometime last year by my sister and it became an instant favorite of mine.
Used as a powder foundation it melts into my skin and gives great coverage. It doesn´t dry out my skin or settle into any dry patches I may have.
I love that I can wear it both as a full coverage foundation and look fab (I can even use this if I´m going out) or if I just want a natural no-makeup look. It gives me the coverage I need and evens out my skin tone, but it doesn´t necessarily look like I´m wearing any make up at all..

I will admit that it works better for me during the summer when my skin is perfect.. During wintertime my skin changes everyday so I never know which products that will match me ;-)

It does not break my skin out at all and I suspect it´s because this is a all natural product, it´s also cruelty free and vegan :-)

(Pssst..I purchased these from

From their website: 

"- Talc free, paraben free, fragrance free, oil free

- Evens out skin tone leaving a natural, silky finish
- with soothing vitamin E and gentle botanical extracts to calm skin
- adjustable even coverage; never heavy or cakey
- can be worn over foundation or directly on bare skin for a radiant finish
- refines complexion and reduces shine
- use with our eco-friendly compact and help save the planet
- use with cotton puff or kabuki brush to customize your finish"

I keep repurchasing these so I always stock up ;)

Top left: Malibu
Top right + lower left & right: Luminous

I´ve always been using the color Luminous, but after I got home from Thailand I wanted to try out a shade darker. 
As I mentioned the powder blends really well and melts into my skin so I feel the color matches no matter what. Still using Luminous - I would say it´s a very safe color to choose..

Soft, creamy and blendable formula

You can buy a compact with mirror and sponge for this, but I never bothered as I feel this packaging is perfect for carrying in my purse and it can even fit in my wallet or pocket if I´m going out and not bringing anything but my jacket.

I usually apply this with my Real Techniques Kabuki brush which works perfectly!

Have you tried anything from HoneyBee Gardens?
What is your Holy Grail Product? :-)

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Laquers

Nude Illusion
Petal Plush
Hibiscus Haven
Signature Scarlet

Nude Illusion is my favorite and actually the only one I ended up using. I don´t think Hibiscus Haven is really my color and Petal Plush is just not a pink color I would go for.. Maybe more in the summer.
I was hoping Signature Scarlet would be the sort of red gloss that´s casual and easy to apply whenever. And it sorta is, I just don´t like how it fades towards the edges and it´s just too glossy for my taste..

All of the glosses has a yummy scent to them and the formula is kinda gelish, not sticky.
I do find Nude Illusion a really nice nude shade and it´s perfect over my lipliners.

Have you tried these glosses? :-)

21 November 2014

Maybelline Makeup & Shiseido Skincare *HAUL*

There´s this really nice offer at my local drugstore (3 products for $30/£20) at the moment and I took the opportunity to buy some necessities and to try out some new stuff!

1. Dream BB Go Matte Cream Powder - "Medium"
- Was really excited about this one! Tried it a couple of times and will do a review on this soon. Don´t quite know what to think about this yet to be honest...

2. Super Stay 24hr - "030 Sand"
- Always fun to stock up on some foundation! One of my drugstore go-to´s.

3. Shiseido IBUKI 30ml Skincare set
- All my skincare is gone and I can´t afford buying all new full sizes right now so I figured this set is perfect. It will probably last me 1-2 months.
Loving this series, cleared my skin up so well.

4. Colossal Go Extreme - Leather Black
- New so had to try it.. Same as the others.

5. Colossal Go Extreme - Volume
- Second time buying this. Think it´s ok.

6. Master Precise Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner
- First time trying, not to excited about this!!!!

7. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Nude Illusion #720"
8. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Petal Plush #105"
9. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Hibiscus Haven #110"
10. Color Elixir Creamy Lip Lacquer - "Signature Scarlet #505"
- Totally fell in love with these glosses!!!!
Swatches and review will of course be up soon :)

18 November 2014

New Domain **

"Leave a comment" is missing on some of my posts. If you would like to leave a comment on one of these posts you simply have to press on the post title and you´ll find Disqus underneath the post :)

I´m having the hardest time with DISQUS at the moment.. it´s not showing my comments and it does not show a link to "leave a comment" on almost all my posts.. making it impossible to comment on my blog.... don´t know if it is still updating after changing domain or what, however, if anyone know what to do - please let me know :)

I just wanted to tell you that I've changed my domain for the last and final time - I am finally satisfied with it and I feel it suits me and my blog perfectly.

As many others do, I didn't really think enough through my blogname when I first started out, and as my blog grew "bigger" and I found my "thing" it just didn't work out anymore.

For the ones that know me and have followed my blog, you all know that lipsticks/lipglosses are my thing. It´s always been my thing, but I didn't really realize it was such a huge thing before I started this blog. It couldn't be more obvious now.

So even though I blog about more than just lipsticks, that is kinda my thing and I simply do LOVE LIPSTICKS - so there you have it, simple as that :)

17 November 2014

*HAUL* Redken, Joico, Tangle Teezer, Anastasia, Mineral Hygienics.

I haven´t been too obsessed about caring for my hair lately, and I decided to do something about it and treated my hair with some new products.

1. & 2. Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner
I just had my new extensions put in and I need something to keep them smooth and shiny - therefore Redken All Soft. Gives a lot of moisture!
If you´re wearing extensions like me be sure not to get any conditioner at you bonds/tape. Also be careful with the use of this shampoo.. Only if your hair is very dry, then maybe use something lighter.

3. Redken Satinwear 02 Blow Dry Lotion
A light lotion that gives plenty of heat protection. Does not weigh your hair down and does not leave it greasy. One of my absolute favorites!

4. Redken Two Smooth 03
First time trying this and it will forever be staying in immediate reach. I can reapply this throughout the whole day and it does not leave my hair greasy. It´s a two component product - one that smoothes you hair and one that strengthens.

5. Joico K-Pak Split End Mender
Really looking forward to be using this! I don´t have any split ends yet so I can´t see the mending part, but definitely use this for protection as well.

6. Tangle Teezer Original Pink
For keeping your hair healthy a good brush is alpha omega.

7. Anastasia Brow Wiz "Brunette/Dark Brown"
I´ve tried to so hard to live without it. I can´t do it, my brows can´t do it, my makeup routine can´t do it. I just need this in my life and I can finally say I have a ultimate holy grail product. THIS<3

8. Mineral Hygienics Mineral Foundation "Tan Medium"
Giving this brand another shot. However I´ll admit the timing is not perfect. My skin does not like powder foundation during fall&winter. Also the color is a bit darker than the one I used to have (even though it´s the same).

9. TESTER Agadir Argan Oil Moisture Masque
Always up for testers! Especially ones like this that actually contain enough for at least a whole try!!
New to this brand, but have been wanting the "Agadir Heat Shield 450".. It´s a bit pricey, any recommendations?

Tea Time! Yogi Green and Herbal Tea *My Current Favorites*

For the few of you that have read my blog before and communicate with me on Twitter, you probably know that I am a coffee-addict - and there´s no hope for recovery.
But, I also love tea! Mostly in the Fall/Winter time, and guys, that time of the year has arrived and so has my craving for tea.

My latest obsession are from Yogi Tea and I would love to give you a recommendation on my favorites!

Balance (Green)
- Green tea, lemon grass, peppermint.

Energy (Green)
- Green tea, guarantee, ginger, elderflower.

Bright Mood (Herbal)
- Cinnamon, hops, orange peel.

Ginger Hibiscus (Herbal)
- Ayurvedic herbs & spice infusion.

Heart Warming (Herbal)
- Basil, orange peel, chili.

Lime Mint (Herbal)
- Ayurvedic herb, spice & fruit infusion.

For the green teas I usually "spice up" with some sweetener and flavor, lemon and vanilla are my favorites :)
The other teas have a lot more flavor to them and I don´t find it necessary to add any sweetener.

What are your favorite tea and brand of tea?

*HAUL* New clothes + heels :)

Just another haul post ;-) 
I could´t resist the SALE sign and ended up with some more new stuff.
Loving the shoes and the bikini! The "leather" looking tights disappointed me as it gives me a flat ass and it´s not as stretchy as I thought..
The white top is absolutely GORGEOUS and the grey one is the same as I bought in black, but I just love the style and it goes with everything and it makes my basic outfits just a little more exciting.

25 October 2014

BLOGtober 25th - Retail therapy..

Because my life has changed drastically lately and I´m now considering myself as a poor person (read "poor person": "not being able to splurge on whatever I want and spend high amounts of money on expensive shoes and loads of makeup that I don´t need").................... As I said, because of that, I´m not that materialistic anymore... I guess... I´m materialistic insiiiide, but I don´t act it. I haven´t bought a single makeup item in MONTHS. No new clothes, shoes, or anything! Just necessities (for example deodorant and today I got a new foundation after actually using up several I´ve had for ages.....) and boring stuff for the house. Well, actually I´m not living in a house, but an apartment.
ANYWAY, several reason for this situation, enough about that, let´s focus on what I did today and how it made me feel :))

SO my birthday was two days ago, October 23rd, and yesterday I was just looking online and suddenly I just felt an instant urge to buy something. Because after all it was my birthday... Hello.

I cannot describe the happy feeling I got after ordering. New clothes. I´m so excited I could die.
I am going to throw out all of my old ugly shitty clothes that I hate and I´m going to put all of the new ones on my bed and then I am going to roll around in them and.. NO. I am just so happy because I love to shop. And it was the first time on seriously MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!

I know, a lot of basic stuff but it´s nicer that just the basic plain stuff, so I like it!

22 October 2014

BLOGtober 22nd - Going back to Thailand :)

.....Sooo.... I may or may not be going back to Thailand in December...! :D
Can´t wait! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now :)

Words cannot describe how fantastic it is going to be with another vacation, especially since I´ll be traveling with a person I care very much about..;)

Haven´t planned exactly where to go yet, but we will be spending at least a couple of days in Bangkok.. And then the rest at some beach/island destination..:)

Do you have any traveling plans this year?

02 October 2014

BLOGTOBER 2nd - Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Venom" *Review & Swatches*

I guess it´s time for another lippie post!

This has actually been a draft since last fall, and I´m very grateful for that at the moment because I will be on a spending ban for probably the rest of my life right now. Haha. 
Let´s just say I got myself an apartment and it´s not too cheap. 
Well, over to the lipstick - It´s simply a wonderful product and the price tag ain´t that bad, especially not for me as they are the same as any Maybelline or Loreal from the drugstore.
I didn´t wear this too much last season so it´s almost like trying on a newly purchased lipstick, which is nice in these times of moneysaving!

Look at this beauty <3

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color VenomUrban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom